HIGH GLORY is commited to providing employees and others a safe and healthy working environment on projects. We have developed and promoted a safety program, designed to prevent accidents. The HIGH GLORY safety manual outlines policies and procedures to prevent injuries, illnesses and loss to property and to the environment during all phases of the project.


he Safety Program for High Glory Construction & Maintenance has been developed to govern activities for all personnel employed in any capacity of HIGH GLORY. The Safety program Manual is delicated to the goals as stated in the occupational safety and Health Act of the State of Qatar. The main objective of the regulations is to provide a work place, free from recognized hazards.


Accidental loss can be controlled through proper management in combination with active employee participation. Loss prevention is the direct responsibility of all managers, supervisiors and employees. All employees must perform their jobs properly and professionally at all times. Personalcommitment to safety must be viewed as a way of life.